Flat Roofing

anchor7Why do so many businesses have completely flat roofs? Because they’re practical, sturdy and less expensive than sloped roofs.

Choosing a roof is a complex decision, which requires the help of experienced, skilled technicians. We will ensure that your flat roof exceeds your expectations.

There are several different kinds of flat roof materials to choose from. They include:

  • Built-Up Roofing: This type of system consists of layers of moisture and bitumen, which are placed on top of each other. In general, the more layers, the more quality roofing you’ll be getting. In addition, waterproofing materials such as fiberglass sheets or tar paper are also applied. The bitumen is made from gravel and hot tar, in general.
  • Membrane Roofing: These have a reputation for being some of the most waterproof and long-lasting roofs in the industry today. They are made from sheets of PVC, thermoplastics or rubber, and are applied directly to the roofing structure. They can be applied in two ways: either heated so that the seams meld together, or treated with a sealant that makes the sheets chemically bond. Both are very effective in keeping your roof water-resistant.
  • Spray Foam Roofing: This type of roof consists of a polyurethane-based foam that sticks to the roof to protect it. The foam tends to vary in thickness across the surface for drainage purposes. On top of that will be an elastromeric covering that is sprayed on and gives the roof a more waterproof finish. Sand or a similar type of material may be added to the top layer as well, for aesthetics.

For more information about flat roofing in Houston and the area, contact us today. We offer top-quality flat roof repair and installation and are here to help!

The name to know for flat roof installation

anchor10A high-quality roof will go a very long way in protecting your company’s assets. Anchor Roofing is an established and renowned company in the Houston area, so you can trust us to do the job correctly and at a competitive rate every time.

We make sure that your flat roofs will be melded and mounted properly, so that they’ll last for years. Also please remember us for any restoration or maintenance needs.

Neglecting a potential issue with your flat roof could lead to a greater expense down the road, or even worse, an unsafe situation. Our experienced roofers will inspect the condition and make repairs as necessary.

So if you’d like to know more about flat roofing in Houston or the surrounding area, call the team at Anchor Roofing. We’re in the business of flat roof repair and installation, so put our expertise to work for you.